Star pack

im Sappfire the leader of star pack where dream are real wolves can fly and wishes are made.
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 Sappfire the alpha

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PostSubject: Sappfire the alpha   Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:36 pm

Name:Sappfire Age:3 years 4 months Gender: female Fur color:silver Eye color:cyan Rank:Alpha Personality: Sappfire is nice and wise she outspoken but can go mad if you sneer at her. Scars/markings:a cyan star on Sappfire's head Strengths:long legs for running strong muscular body under her thick silver pelt. weaknesses:blind rage, lonelyness likes:pups, elders, stories,water,adventures,respect Dislikes:disturbed sleep, summer days bratty pups Wolf Species: snow wolf
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Sappfire the alpha
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